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I have never met anyone who comes close to the quality of service Mike shares with my clients

 I have been working in the renovation industry for over 18years.   I have never met anyone who comes close to the quality of service Mike shares with my clients.  I am always completely confident that they will receive the highest level of quality, workmanship and service. 
Mike’s knowledge gained over the years in evident in how he handles each and every job.  He reviews everything in detail from material selections, understanding the pros and cons of the different materials,  edge profiling, seam locations, and book matching of difficult patterns to ensure the client is selecting the right product for their needs and to enjoy for years to come.  Mike is a leader in craftsmanship and would be happy to continue to refer him to anyone looking for the right person for the job.
Brenda Baranowski
Kitchen Designer

They look fabulous!

March 2014 Nick and Catherine

Hi Mike,

We want to thank you for the beautiful job you and your team did on our
kitchen counters and powder room. They look fabulous!

We really appreciate your guidance in choosing the right treatment for our
style of cabinets.  Your patience and thoroughness in explaining how
different patterns would interact with the other finishes in the room show
a real understanding of esthetic.

You were polite, friendly and when we had to get our powder room done
quickly, your willingness and ability to accommodate our tight schedule was

Overall, we had a great experience working with you and your team.  Quality
and excellent service is what we received.

We wish you all the best for continued success.

Warm regards,

Nick and Catherine